Cleveland Museum of Natural History

1 Wade Oval Drive
University Circle, Ohio 44106



Museum collections total more than four million specimens and include specimens of paleontology, zoology, archeology,mineralogy, ornithology, and a variety of other scientific subjects.

A beloved full-scale model of a stegosaurus on the lawn delights Cleveland children.

There are many ways to take advantage of the Museum's educational expertise, whether you prefer a class field trip, a school assembly, distance learning or any of our other options.
Hold your next party or reception at the Museum!
The Museum protects more than 5,400 acres through its Natural Areas program. 
The design of the Shafran Planetarium building allows its exterior to function as an astronomical instrument. Nighttime visitors can use the building's chamfered roof to locate Polaris, the North Star, around which all other stars in the sky appear to rotate.
The Smead Discovery Center is the Museum’s hands-on learning center located on the Museum's lower level.  It’s an intergenerational space designed for visitors of all ages to enjoy together. 

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