Fairmount Center for the Arts

8400 Fairmount Road
Mayfield, Ohio 44072




Fairmount Center for the Arts is dedicated to the advancement of the arts in Ohio through excellence in training and performance for people of all ages and levels of mastery, from early youth to seasoned professional. Our programming seeks to challenge, enrich and nurture, providing self-confidence and understanding that encourages each student to thrive as a creative individual.

Today, the Fairmount Center's programming includes classes in art, dance, music, theatre, and fitness as well as performance opportunities through the Fairmount Spanish DancersFairmount Dance Theatre (FDT), and Youth Theatre Lab (YTL). The Fairmount Center's performance venues include the Mayfield Village Civic Center, St. Anselm's Church and the Chagrin Falls Performing Arts Center.

Categories: Entertainment, Family, Recreation

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