Something Special!


What a treat to be in the audience of Derreck Kayongo's presentation! And sing with him too.... Watch this video!

Derreck Kayongo was a keynote speaker at the 10th Annual Small Business Convention 2015, presented by COSE. From child refugee to U.S. citizen to fearless visionary, Derreck Kayongo has served in leadership roles in some of the world’s most respected non-government organizations. In 2009, Kayongo and his wife Sarah started The Global Soap Project, which focuses on repurposing partially-used soap from hotels into new soap for needy populations, particularly in Africa. Hear how his passion and tenacity led to his success and how those lessons can be applied to successful business practices in the 21st century.


First Blog Post from Tracy!


My name is Tracy Previte and I help out with the Social Media on I do this out of love of Cleveland and the events we have that may be buried somewhere on somebody’s web site, or on a company’s paper calendar, or just in someone’s head and needs to get out by word of mouth. Being a mom of a toddler-going-on-thirty, it is fun to find stuff that is fun to do around the neighborhood.


I met Anna Kim, the owner of this site, a long while ago, but have not gotten to know her better until she approached me with her awesome idea of telling Cleveland, and hopefully other markets, about what is going on around town. She is extremely dedicated to Cleveland and full of innovative ideas. A mother herself, she also wondered how to find out what is going on in the neighborhood. How do you know what is going on? That is when she decided to launch


We hope to get end users to this site, those who what to know what is going on find what they are looking for in a user-friendly way, and we hope that companies/venues use it to post their events to show off the fun activities that happen around here. 


When I became the Social Media expert for BeeAroundTown, I have learned some fun things that are going on, like beading at Cleveland Rocks and Beads in Cleveland Heights (which I intended to do soon!), and fun activities at Lakeshore Learning in Woodmere!